What’s Next for ParticipateDB?

July 13, 2011

This September, ParticipateDB will have been around for two years. Time to maybe kick it up a notch! Let’s look at how things have been going and what we could or should do next: First, where do things stand? On the plus side, it appears that ParticipateDB has quickly grown to become the most comprehensive […]

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Article in Planning & Technology Today

August 2, 2010

The American Planning Association (APA) is the largest and probably most esteemed professional organization representing the field of city and regional planning in the United States. Their Technology Division publishes Planning & Technology Today, a quarterly newsletter. From the about page: The American Planning Association (APA) Technology Division links you with others who share your interest […]

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100 People Like Us on Facebook!

July 25, 2010

You probably subscribe to this blog and follow our occasional updates on Twitter, but did you know you can also like us on Facebook? It’s easy, and 100 others have already shown their interest in ParticipateDB. Just go here: http://www.facebook.com/ParticipateDB Thanks everyone for your support!

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Tools from Online Deliberation Conference 2010

July 1, 2010

The Online Deliberation Conference 2010 is happening in Leeds, UK right now.  The Twitter hashtag is #od2010, and thanks to the avid reporting of some of the attendees we were able to bring a rich harvest of fresh tools this morning: Cohere (UK) — An idea management tool for you to annotate URLs with ideas, […]

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ParticipateDB Just Hit 150 Tools

June 17, 2010

Yesterday morning, we were alerted to a new citizen engagement project by the German state of Bavaria that launched the other day. Aufbruch Bayern (which might be roughly translated as Let’s Go, Bavaria!), is an online consultation that aims to generate ideas in the policy areas of family, education and innovation and is scheduled to run […]

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Tech Lab Webinar Series To Kick Off June 24

June 3, 2010

Public Decisions, a provider of online trainings, events and conferences on stakeholder engagement, is launching a new webinar series: New! Tech Lab Series With so many online tools available for stakeholder engagement (as of today, there are 140+ on the Participate DB database alone), it’s sometimes hard to differentiate among them.  How do you know which tool […]

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Wiki-based E-Participation

June 1, 2010

Following an inquiry this morning, I noticed that we already have a number of wiki engines (or wiki-ish tools) listed on ParticipateDB: MediaWiki MixedInk PMWiki TWiki Wetpaint WikiAssetMap Wikilegis Wikispaces Not bad at all!

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ParticipateDB Referenced in UK White Paper on Engagement ROI

May 30, 2010

Anthony Zacharzewski, founding member of The Democratic Society, has authored a white paper that examines how “democratic engagement can support local government in finding financial savings”: Democracy pays: How democratic engagement can cut the cost of government (PDF, 80 KB) Abstract Local authorities faced with difficult budget rounds should create deeper and more meaningful democratic conversations […]

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Online Consultation in Africa

May 21, 2010

Earlier this week, we added our first project from Africa: The #AfricanAgenda2010 e-Consultation From the FAQ: Why this consultation? 2010 marks an important year for Africa. Most key commitments for the continent’s development expire in 2010, including the Gleneagles commitments to double aid by 2010, the EU-Africa partnership which includes commitments to increase aid to […]

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ParticipateDB mentioned in E-Government Bulletin

May 11, 2010

Last week, ParticipateDB received a brief mention in Headstar’s E-Government Bulletin (highly recommended if you want to follow e-democracy and e-government news from around Europe, sign up here): National Participation: Users of ParticipateDB, a collaborative international online catalogue of e-participation tools, projects and case studies, can now browse the site by country for the first […]

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