ParticipateDB is a collaborative catalogue for tools for participation (often referred to as tools for web-based engagement, online participation, e-participation, e-consultation, online dialogue, online deliberation etc.). It is the world’s most comprehensive directory of its kind.

The site aims to build a complete list of online tools for public participation and related forms of citizen engagement — large and small, commercial and open source, mature and experimental — and show how these tools are being applied in practice.

ParticipateDB is currently in closed alpha. Once the site is fully functional, ParticipateDB will allow anyone to register and add or edit content. Site content will be freely available and licensed for easy reuse and sharing.

ParticipateDB is brought to you by Intellitics, Inc. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

For a continuously updated list of commonly asked questions (and a few answers), please check our FAQs.

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