Update on Upcoming Data Collection Project

by Tim on February 5, 2018

Remember back in late 2016 when we boldly, ahem, hinted at a little “upcoming data collection project” we were working on? Well, it’s finally happening!

Obviously, it’s been taking us much longer than expected to get all our ducks in a row, so some explanation is in order.

ParticipateDB was initially launched in 2009 and has been maintained, for many years until last year, by digital engagement consulting firm Intellitics, Inc. As one of several pro bono “side projects” there, it never quite got to enjoy the full resource and staffing levels required to realize its full potential. That’s why, last year, we made the decision to spin it out and put it under the wings of a newly-formed entity that might be better positioned to support, sustain and grow it going forward.

Things have definitely been moving in the right direction since July, and we are now only days away from launching the ParticipateDB 2018 Digital Engagement Census.

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