Tools from Online Deliberation Conference 2010

by Tim on July 1, 2010

The Online Deliberation Conference 2010 is happening in Leeds, UK right now.  The Twitter hashtag is #od2010, and thanks to the avid reporting of some of the attendees we were able to bring a rich harvest of fresh tools this morning:

  • Cohere (UK) — An idea management tool for you to annotate URLs with ideas, and weave meaningful connections between ideas for personal, team or social use.
  • CoPe_it! (Greece) — Lets webizens easily collaborate by sharing opinions and resources and builds on an argumentative collaboration approach that allows communities’ members to express their point of view on the opinions and resources of a workspace.
  • Deliberatorium (USA) — A technology designed to help large numbers of people, distributed in space and time, combine their insights to find well-founded solutions for such complex multi-stakeholder multi-disciplinary (“wicked”) problems as sustainability, climate change policy, complex product design, and so on.
  • Parmenides (UK) — A system for deliberative democracy that allows the government to present policy proposals to the public (or a specific focus group) and lets the public submit their opinion on the policy and it’s justification.

ParticipateDB currently has 30+ contributors from around the world. If you have more tools to add or know of any projects where a tool has been used in practice, we’re happy to set you up with an account.  Just contact us for details.

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